Windows Phone ♥’s You. What were YOU doing Tuesday night?

This past Tuesday the Windows Development (@wmdev) team hosted Windows Phone ♥ ‘s You, a Tweetup/launch party for the new Windows smartphone, at the Ambassador in San Francisco. Being a fan of the venue, as MIXTT hosted their post-TechCrunch50 ’08 launch party (some great photos can be found on tychay’s Flickr) there back when I was a wee intern, I was particularly inclined to attend this event. OK, that was only last year, but I digress. Being a new iPhone user, I wanted to get my hands on the new Windows mobile device and toy with it for a bit. Also, looking at the guestlist of all the prolific SF bloggers, tech and marketing gurus, I had to at least stop by and check out the scene.

While it was less of a demo event and more of a drinkathon, I met lots of interesting characters and got to catch up with some of my old SFSU classmates and colleagues from student organizations, like @mariaesquivel and @pastana. Finally, an hour or so into the event the Windows team announces there will be a Twitter contest to win the phone — whoever can send the funniest tweet to them will win the new phone that has just made its way to the United States.

I could only think of something that would parody something in pop culture that people would instantly understand, but at the same time I felt it needed to defame Apple or the iPhone in some manner since every new piece of technology emulates Apple in some way, shape or form, though everyone may not want to admit it. Needless to say, it’s also its biggest competitor. Taking the leap of faith, potentially taking the risk of losing followers and damaging my reputation, I decided to post something goofy, with an attempt at explaining my humor and sarcasm in two long hashtags.

Fast forward twenty minutes and two mini slider burgers later, I find one of the reps from Microsoft and have a go at the phone. After chatting with him for a bit, and encouraging to check his @replies, we part our ways and I don’t check Tweetie for another 20 minutes or so, and guess what?

The winner of the SF Launch event “twitter contest” is @chelseapearl That was hilarious! @chelseapearl DM us pls. ^ai

And the winning tweet goes to… @chelseapearl. Rad! And now I’m sure you’re pondering, “so what about that winning tweet?”

Yooooooooo Apple! Ima let you finish but Windows made the best smartphone of ALL TIME! @wmdev #threeweekstoolate #iwannawinthephonegiveaway

Freakin’ awesome. I’ve got to admit, I’m very glad I stopped by. I never thought I’d win the snazzy new gadget, because I’m sure there were many other more important and influential people there than myself, who will generate more buzz than Chelsea, the n00b blogger. I promise a product review will come as soon as the phone arrives in the mail, and I vow to be as objective as possible to let you know how it performs based on my mobile needs — heavy email use, moderate to heavy texting, compatibility, internet browsing and ergonomic layout/feel, relative to the Samsung Blackjack II and iPhone 3Gs. I’m no tech pro or engineer, so I will try to be as fair as possible and give my take on how the device measures up to everyday use. Thanks Microsoft for hosting a great event and to the Windows Development team for selecting my tweet!

Jase, Ricardo, Maria & I, at the #windowsphone event 10/06/09

Jase, Ricardo, Maria & I, at the #windowsphone event

You can find the rest of @photo‘s fabulous pictures of the event on Flickr.

Stay tuned for another post and review on different product I won via Twitter, the Kodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera, through the #NameAKodak contest. Now only if I could find a company to win a laptop from! That’s something I really need.


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