Technology Woes

This blog post comes to you, direct from a 6 year old, completely FUBAR’d DELL Dimension 8300 PC. I have spent the last three hours trying to fix a whole list of issues, mainly, so I can have a stable computer to use in the meantime before the wifi is set up, which is a whole different can of worms I’m not too thrilled to be opening. No BSoDs, yet. How did I become the designated Pearl resident tech support specialist?

Here’s a brief summary of the aforementioned nightmare. Any tips for preventing or solving would be appreciated!

  • Display is stuck in 4 bit & 800×600 resolution
  • Firefox crashes each time I visit a new website
  • On my mom’s Windows user account, she can only visit one website

I think a system restore is going to be the solution, after searching through several forums and troubleshooting guides (with Firefox crashing between each one). Let’s hope it works!

I am anxious to get everything done because I’m having serious internet withdrawals. There’s so much I want to post about, research and upload, all of which is unfortunately beyond the capacity of this machine right now. Sorry if I am in your presence within the next few days and my eyes are glued to my iPhone.

Typical iPhone signal at home in Berkeley, it usualy fluctuates every 10 seconds.

Typical iPhone signal at home in Berkeley, it usualy fluctuates every 10 seconds.

A very special thank you goes to the Berkeley people who protested against the proposed cell tower that was supposed to be erected a block and a half from my house. I can attribute a good deal of my stress to you radiation-fearing freaks right now. Just read the poor feedback on this forum. There’s also some coverage on the ridiculous state of Berkeley cell reception on SFGate. Reception fluctuates between 1 and 5 bars every 10 seconds or so and never stabilizes. I can’t seem to find a copy of the proposal or any articles of the blacklash online, and my mom said she read about it in the Thousand Oaks Neighborhood Association newsletter, but the article doesn’t seem to be in their online archive. Calls are patchy and are frequently dropped indoors, which is not good for me when recruiters respond to all the jobs I’ve been applying for. I don’t want to appear flaky or unreliable, and this crappy service could pose as a threat. The stance on cell towers is to the point of hindering my productivity.


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