Good things are coming, good things

The newly setup wifi isn’t the only good news around here — I’ve found employment!

More important, however, is the story behind my narrowing job search and the help and connections I earned by way of two prior internships. These internships really gave me the upperhand in the interview/hiring process for this third internship I start Monday. There’s no way my resume would have stood out from the clutter without the time invested into valuable relationships and taking an unconventional approach in seeking job openings.

"Good things are coming, good things" - Mr. Cheezle (as played by Kevin Nealon), from the movie Grandma's Boy

Ecstatic would be a good word to describe my excitement around interning in a completely different work environment and industry.  I’ve had a taste of the agency setting, a dabble in the startup area, and now it’s finally that time to checkout the corporate world.

Stay tuned. Details in two weeks.


About Chelsea Pearl

Community manager by day, style blogger by night.
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