Free BART tickets for station check-ins & mayorship? Yes, please.

A very special thanks goes to the one and only Krystyl for sharing this article in my Facebook newsfeed this morning from ReadWriteWeb titled “BART Promos on Foursquare: Free Tickets for Check-Ins.”

Foursquare iPhone app main screen

Foursquare iPhone app main screen. Mobile site & android app also available.

My Foursquare badges

My San Francisco Foursquare badges.

Many businesses have been recently arranging promotions through Foursquare, a location-based social networking “game”, offering discounts and freebies for user check-ins and mayorship, with the mayor being the user with the highest frequency of check-ins at a particular venue. Typical offers I’ve seen are for a free beer at a bar for the venue mayor, free museum admission if it’s your first check-in, or a free ice cream for your fifth check-in at an ice cream and smoothie mall foodcourt kiosk. Starting in November, BART, the major subway train system in the Bay Area, will be rewarding random station check-ins a $25 promotional ticket, while mayors will be rewarded in some other fashion with venue partners, exact details still TBD. Good news for who you ask? Me — I’m a Foursquare addict and I’m mayor of two stations, and one in particular I worked very hard to get! I reside as the current Mayor of Montgomery St BART as it was my nearest station to my most recent internship in Jackson Square. Let’s hope I don’t lose my crown now that I’ll be frequenting Embarcadero BART for my new gig. See the Foursquare list of stations and don’t forget to check-in during the month of November!


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