Kodak Zi8 review

In September, the Kodak marketing team announced on Twitter a contest to name Kodak’s new version of the Zi8 HD pocket video camera. Entries were monitored by the hashtag #NameAKodak. I was one of 100 winners, and the item retails for $179.99 and has pretty solid reviews on CNET. Yep, I was still am stoked.

My winning entry was, since it’s not too easy to see in the video, the

Kodak Zi8 bitZee cam

Kodak Zi8

My Kodak Zi8, compliments of #NameAKodak

And here is the greatly anticipated video. I’m not a tech expert, so please understand I’m giving my feedback from a typical everyday user’s perspective.

Chelsea’s Zi8 Pocket Video Camera Review from Chelsea Pearl on Vimeo.

It’s handy, light, and just a little plasticy feeling, but it seems like OK quality.

Things I forgot to mention in the video:

2.5″ LCD display
Great size given the size of the camera.

Simple format
Very simple. There are only four buttons and an analog toggle button on the front. There’s one additional button at the top for macro and landscape settings.

Still camera setting
The Zi8 takes pictures too, only with no flash. Simple point and shoot. Moderate noise.

A fellow winner, Don Martelli, has a much more professional and objective review of the product, posted on Technorati. He’s much more comfortable in front of the camera!

Learning video editing is something that’s been on my punch list for a while now as it’s a great skill to have that was entirely overlooked by my business school curriculum. I’ve been asked if I know video editing on my last five job interviews, so now maybe I’ll be more inclined to shoot more content and learn to manipulate the material into something more fun, compelling or branded. It would be foolish to miss out on the benefits video gives off in terms of SEO and it’s use in social media, just because you lack the know-how.

Thanks Kodak!


About Chelsea Pearl

Community manager by day, style blogger by night. http://chelseapearl.com
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  3. martinmartin77 says:

    Congratulations on winning the contest. A simple way to take the shakes out of your video is to buy the inexpensive, pocket-sized readysteady (readysteadyvideo.com) camera stabilizer. The readysteady also doubles as a monopod.

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