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Have you taken a GMAT prep course? I’m looking to make a decision on which provider to go with within the next six months after I finish two or so test prep books on my own, since the classes are quite the investment.  A colleague at Kaplan I worked with through the SFSU Marketing Association in college recommends taking the GMAT close to your undergrad education as you still retain some of those study habits and test taking skills, so you’re better off overall. Take test first, then worry about applications and admissions later down the road as you may keep your GMAT score for five years.

Feedback on the below poll would be greatly appreciated. There are just too many providers to make a decision on my own.

If your choice isn’t listed in poll, please add it in as a blog comment. Thanks!


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  2. Hi,
    There are many test prep providers coming up in recent times. But still one has to make perfect choice to go for a good one. However, all these should commence only when a candidate has practiced more than ten test prep books.

  3. sunil says:

    GMAT sentence correction gauges a candidate’s ability to find the correct sentence out of the wrong ones by following the correct grammatical rule, subject-verb agreement, the use of syntax, the presence of clarity in the sentence etc. As the first answer choice is nothing but the copy of the original sentence, one may skip it provided it has no error. It is just because an answer choice seems to have a parallel structure with the original sentence does not mean it is the correct answer. Hence, the candidate has to make sure that the answer choice he selects adheres to all standard grammatical rules.

  4. GMAT TEST says:

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