Twitter Lists

I’ve spent the last few days toying around with the Twitter’s newest feature, user-generated lists.

Being a Tweetdeck user, I feel like I’m just recreating the existing lists I’ve already created with Tweetdeck columns. I have a column for personal friends, SFAMA connections, etc., so it’s sort of like double-backing in making a list, seeing friends in your feed and adding them to a list opportunistically, or remembering particular Twitter handles one by one and adding them to your list that way. Thankfully, Tweetdeck is aware of this and will soon be offering a new feature to export Tweetdeck lists into Twitter lists but more along the lines of making lists an “integral” part of the application. It sounds real interesting, so I’m real excited to see what they have to offer. It should be coming out in a few weeks or even sooner.

Also, this morning @briansolis brought to my attention a new Twitter widget feature launched overnight. As Brian highlights in his blog, lists are now another metric that could symbolize popularity, credibility and value, as it takes more effort to add someone to a list rather than earning a simple follow or retweet. The number of Twitter lists one may belong too may prove more valuable than the follower-friend ratio TFFRatio.

Here are some of my LsIP (Lists in Progress)

hellaPR – PR Pros

ChelseaPearl – SFAMA

ChelseaPearl – Yelp

There’s an infinite number of possibilities for lists as once you’ve passed a threshold of accounts you’re following, some organization is needed unless you’re monitoring Twitter all day in real time. Something I think recent grads or job seekers can especially take advantage of is using lists to keep a tab on who’s hiring or even what local companies they’d like to work for. That might trigger someone’s attention (be it marketing, HR, a EVP or CEO) and it could merit a job lead. It might seem a little desperate, but it’s a good chance to showcase you’re enthusiasm, creativity and social media expertise in a way that will certainly differentiate you from the masses.


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