Poken Twitter Contest

I’m having great luck with Twitter contests lately.

In the past two months, here’s a running list of the things I’ve won via Twitter.

  1. A bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon & a $50 giftcard to PacSun (via a raffle at #TwestivalSF)
  2. Kodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera (via the #NameAKodak contest)
  3. 11 tickets to The Pet Shop Boys concert at the San Francisco Warfield Theatre (via @SFHardRockCafe)
  4. Windows Smartphone (via the #windowsphone funniest tweet contest)

Now I can add a new Poken to the list!

Last week there was a Poken contest on Twitter offered by @trixtwits,where any retweet including the contest URL would qualify as an entry in the contest for a five Poken giveaway. Note, the prior link now takes you to a contest directly after the one I participated in where the 88th retweet would win the Poken.

Me & the Panda Poken

My new Panda Poken

Here’s an attempt at a vlog recapping the contest and how exactly to use the device. I’m slowly getting more comfortable in talking to myself in front of a camera but I know I need to cut out the ‘umm’s and ‘and’s. That’s always been a tough habit to shake in public speaking but with the more I practice, the less apparent they’ll become, so please bear with me. Enjoy the video!

Thanks, Trix Technologies!


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