Now I’ve really seen it all

In case you didn’t hear, at the Technologizer Tech The Halls Holiday Bash (#techthehalls) this Thursday at San Francisco’s Varnish Fine Art, hosted by Harry McCracken and Marie Domingo, there was a certain little thing that changed two attendees lives substantially. In addition to the huge crowd, cool mini demos and lots of mingling going on, there was a marriage proposal tweet.


That’s right, the question was popped/tweeted via Tweetie. Apparently, this isn’t the first proposal of this kind over this particular communication channel, however this was probably the first of its kind in front of such a Twitter-savvy, tech-elite crowd. The infamous proposal may now otherwise be referred to as the ‘twitprosal.’

The Twitter Proposal

The Twitter Proposal

Her response!

Her response!

@adamsingy and I stood there flabbergasted.

The sold out event was crowded from the get go and promised a packed house all night, including A-list bloggers like @Scobleizer, sans camera gear! I enjoyed product demos by SugarSync and Marvell. Also, there was some fierce activity on Foursquare that night to claim Mayorship of Varnish. Michael C. finally earned it after ousting me, but I swear I’ve been there more times than he!

Congrats once again to the newly twengaged couple, @dalelarson and @lauralagassa.

Art on display at Varnish

Art on display at Varnish

Be sure to check out Technologizer’s official recap of the party, A Night to Remember.


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4 Responses to Now I’ve really seen it all

  1. Awww…thank you for the recap! So sad that I missed the twitprosal!

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  3. Great post, and thanks for the link to my “twitprosal” post. It was fun to coin yet another Twitter-inspired word. And what an experience. One for the tech history books!

  4. Chelsea,

    I’ll be back out there soon. Had no idea you knew Marie. Hope to catch up. Maybe we can hit a club. Cheers

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