Six reasons I love Posterous


Posterous is something I use solely for day to day, fun and carefree postings to my personal blog and I’ll demonstrate why I love it through the following six points.

A lot of web apps and social sites now have ways to update content via texting, MMS and/or email, in addition to their mobile sites, mobile apps, and updating the old fashioned way, from a browser. Posterous also embodies simplicity with their minimalist layout templates. Posterous is probably much more inviting to a first time blogger than trying to tackle WordPress all at once.

Hidden bonus features
Selective syncing is probably one of my favorite features of Posterous at the moment, because I’ve segmented my content and brands (chelseapearl & hellaPR) online and I like that this is a feature that you don’t even have to learn unless you want to. Plain and simple: everything to the left of the email address will go to those networks (post = all, Posterous = Posterous only, twitter+posterous = Twitter & Posterous only, etc). Honorable mentions go to easy tagging (just get the correct syntax down) and auto-linking (a commonly overlooked time saver).

Non-compressed media
While your iPhone can only attach five images per email, photos uploaded to Posterous aren’t compressed into a lower quality and resolution image, à la Facebook mobile uploads. You don’t have to compromise your Facebook galleries either… look to the next point.

With the point above, when you email those photos off to, and your Facebook account is synced, you’ll automatically have another photo album (titled “Posterous Photos”) created on Facebook so all your friends can see. The post title and shortened URL will be the caption. Two uploads in one! Additionally, Posterous of course autoposts to Twitter, FriendFeed, and all the other major social sites, so your posts can simultaneously be blasted out to all those networks, just with one email.

On Posterous’s FAQ page, I read there’s a way to backwards integrate your current blog, which I think is an awesome feature if you’re looking to put all your things in one simple place. If I had an all-purpose blog, I think I would import my content. Otherwise for the purposes of hellaPR, my home will remain WordPress because I enjoy their robust dashboard. Great feature that I might find a use for in personal blogging soon.

Progressive attitude
In a time of economic instability, free things are rarely completely free, however this is not the case with Posterous. Their attitude is “Hey, here’s 100GB of space for personal use. Post everything and don’t think about space.” They even invite you to ask them for more! Do you think Google would give you more free space if you asked? The team is confident Posterous is the best, and they already have me convinced.

I encourage you all to check out Posterous and get postin’!


About Chelsea Pearl

Community manager by day, style blogger by night.
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