Oh Ten

Here we are in ‘oh ten’, vignt dix, two thousand ten, and this is my obligatory capstone post, culminating the significance of the last 10 years, and factoring in the timely event of graduating and heading into the next decade as a starry-eyed intern, eager to consume more knowledge, and somehow accumulate earnings and wealth along the way. You know, one of those today is the first day of the rest of your life kind of posts.

With what time, I ask? In a day an age where everyone is fighting to hang on to what they’ve got, I won’t waste your time with that, so I’ll keep this post relatively short and sweet.

Week one of 2010 is nearly over, so let me hop right in with those ambitious resolutions, because you knew they were coming sooner or later in this post, didn’t you?

I won’t say I’m not a fan of talk; I’ve just learned to make more concrete vague goals and benchmark, and modify along the way, accordingly. There will be no more trying to go to the gym x time(s) per week or pledging to get y hours of sleep each night. It just won’t pan out that way. The following are pledges I’ve made to myself, broken down both professionally and personally. Not all put the pressure on learning something entirely new (1), but also target improving where I’m already comfortable (2), and lastly brushing up on the items I’m beginning to neglect (3). It’s a more wholesome approach, and I think it will be the most rewarding come years end.


  1. Learn video editing
  2. Video editing is easily one of the highest requested skills demanded of recent grads. It’s almost becoming a job requirement and it can save your company (or prospective company in hiring you) thousands of dollars in labor. It’s something totally new to me, and I’m excited to open the door. Exploring not only video, but its impact on SEO, will be a fun but professionally oriented new adventure for the year I’m looking forward too, especially since I won a Zi8.

  3. Reach for more
  4. I try to reach for more for just about anything I do. It’s my nature which partly stems from my openness to try new things. With that said, this is my professional goal that I think I’m doing already, but can always strive to do more of. I want to reach for more at work, in networking, and volunteering.

  5. Polish up on graphic design skills
  6. It’s easy to push off a skill that you feel you’re already sufficient in, but the reality is that by the time you realize the version of a software you might advertise yourself as proficient in, it might already be outdated and obsolete. I recognize that I’ve been neglecting this skill and haven’t been building, more less maintaining it, in a long while. Part of my excuse on this one is my old laptop which is on its last leg and doesn’t honestly have the capacity to handle heavy design work.


  1. Read more
  2. This is something I firmly believe that will translate into positive results professionally. I write at work, a lot, and I just simply hate those brain farts, as so to speak. Whether it’s losing your writing flare, or being unable to digest information and regurgitate it in an organized and logical format, this is something reading daily can help sharpen, and likewise build your lexicon. Plus, I hate using all my writing energy reserves at work, and then coming home, brain dry, with nothing left to share here on my blog. Reading for pleasure is something undergrad life — the never ending textbooks, studying, homework and crazy work/internship schedules — robbed me of the past few years. I would be happy to read 20 books this year, and I’m already on track to do so. This isn’t a concrete goal, but I qualify this as something in my above mentioned goal category for learning something “new”.

  3. Sleep more
  4. I’ve gone off the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mentality for a long time now, and I think this year might be the time for me to rethink my strategy and hunker down for a bit as I’m still fresh out of college and new to the corporate game. This is not to say I’ll be skipping networking or blogging after work in place of sleep — I might divide and conquer accordingly so lack of sleep doesn’t lead to burnout. I sort of began this last year, so this fits into something I’m already doing and getting comfortable with, only improving on it.

  5. Cherish family
  6. I lost a real special family member in 2009, and it’s something that changed my life forever. It was abrupt, shocking, and traumatic. It served as reality check on how precious life is, but also how fortunate I was to have that person in my life at all. 2010 will be the year I remind my family how important they are to me, something I haven’t been doing nearly enough.

How do you approach resolutions so not to disappoint yourself? I’d love to hear your goals, fears and ambitions.


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