Let’s Connect on Brazen Careerist

One part LinkedIn, one part FriendFeed, Brazen Careerist is not an entirely new community for professional networking, I’ve only been lagging on joining for probably a year now.

Just like Twitter you can follow and be followed, and just like FriendFeed you can aggregate some of your social media and web activity into one feed. The premise of joining is sharing content with other career-minded individuals.

Brazen Careerist Homepage Feed

Brazen Careerist Homepage Feed

I really just like being exposed to the great range of professionals and students on the site. Not just the marketing and PR folks that find me through topic or association, though I love you guys too! Brazen Careerist seems less segregated and confined relative to the connection-based relationships on LinkedIn. Also, there is less emphasis on your title, where you work or who might know, and more value is drawn from what you tweet, blog, or comment on.

So, let’s connect and share content. I promise, it will be worth the 15 minutes taken to properly sync up and populate your profile.


About Chelsea Pearl

Community manager by day, style blogger by night. http://chelseapearl.com
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4 Responses to Let’s Connect on Brazen Careerist

  1. Leon Bacud says:

    Thanks for pointing out the site. I enjoy the user-friendliness of BC more than LinkedIn, as BC tries to distinguish social networking and job search, and makes sure that the most important parts of each one is easy to find. Also it brings in the conforts and familiarity of sites such as friendfeed (with their networks). The profile section doubles as your resume, so you don’t have to fill in two sets of essentially the same information.

    As far as userbase goes, it looks like it’s mainly marketing and PR, but as the site gets more exposure, I think it’ll become more diverse when more people discover it.

  2. Ryan Paugh says:

    Welcome to the Community!

    I’m glad you think that Brazen Careerist is less segregated. That’s one of our goals.

    LinkedIn is an awesome tool for managing the connections that you already have, but young professionals need more than that. We need a place to meet new people too!

    Let me know if you ever need some community support. I’m always happy to help.

  3. Maria says:

    Thanks Chelsea, you are always finding great social networking sites! As a newbie to BC, do you have any tips on enhancing my profile in a short time frame?

  4. hellaPR says:

    Thanks for stopping by and your sharing your thoughts, Leon. I agree — I like that it’s much more than networking than LinkedIn because you can share more content and sync certain social site activity.

    Maria, I would definitely add in all the basics like your objective, most recent positions and honors, education, but don’t forget to add in Twitter, WordPress or your blog feed. Though, I’ve been trying to add my RSS feed and it doesn’t seem to be working… I was torn with adding either my personal Twitter account or my @hellaPR account, but I decided to go with the latter since the network leans on the professional side (versus Facebook, and so forth).

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