Empty Pockets in the Pants on the Ground

Every morning this week, I’ve been woken up Pants on the Ground. Either my mom is chanting it, belting out to drive my dad insane, or humming the melody while stirring coffee. Today, it was the radio alarm.

In case you haven’t heard, “General” Larry Platt, 62, of Atlanta, graced the American Idol judges panel last week with an original score about men who just can keep their pants up, or hats straight forward for that matter. The clip was instantly taken to the web, and the web clip went viral. There are tons of spinoffs/remix videos paying homage to the brave man who took a risk and kept us, and Randy Jackson and Mary J Blige, entertained. Even Brett Favre is a fan.

But Larry didn’t think about protecting his intellectual property, and did not copyright the song. Oops.

This morning I heard Larry is now, suiting up with lawyers to copyright his hit jingle so he can earn royalties. Not that I’m one to take celebrity news outlet TMZ seriously, I just wanted to cite a source here, but I did hear the news on the radio.

I don’t know if I’m with you or against you, Larry. I’m all for people having pants on, and on right, but please can your song just go away for a bit?


About Chelsea Pearl

Community manager by day, style blogger by night. http://chelseapearl.com
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