What would you do for a Google Voice invite?

Google Voice

Have an extra Google Voice invite to spare? I know, spare invites are hard to come by these days, and I’ve been on the waiting list for some time now.  I’ll be willing to trade you any one of the following in exchange for an invite to GV.

  • Google Wave invite (actually, anyone can have one of these)
  • Custom-designed Twitter background (see @chelseapearl & @hellaPR)
  • New-in-box iFrogz iPhone 3G/3Gs luxe case, in red*
  • Thank you response video and blog post, here on hellaPR (I promise, it will be entertaining)
  • A 30-minute social media strategy consultation over coffee*

 *offer valid in San Francisco only

So, this leads me to beg the question, WWYDFAGVI? What would you do for a Google Voice invite?

Chime in with your offer below in the comments.


About Chelsea Pearl

Community manager by day, style blogger by night. http://chelseapearl.com
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3 Responses to What would you do for a Google Voice invite?

  1. flash says:

    have you gotten an invite yet? if not.. let me know (:

  2. hellaPR says:

    I haven’t received an invite yet… still patiently waiting and hoping! Can you help me out?

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