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Coke Tastes Better

It’s true. Read Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink and find out why the Pepsi Challenge taste test campaign commissioned in the 80s, the one that pressured Coca-Cola into changing its formula to New Coke that flopped, was a bogus way to measure taste preference. In short, cola drinkers don’t just drink sips, they need to drink a whole can (or container) to evaluate which they like better. That’s how we consume and enjoy the product in our regular, non-controlled, environment.

I’m a perfect example of this; I conducted and participated in a cola taste test in the Marketing Association in college. With our three variables being Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and a store brand cola, we labeled small Dixie cups A, B, and C and handed one out to everyone, and then tried to match our perceived taste preference with the brand. A loyal Coke drinker, I mistakenly chose Pepsi as my favorite! I felt like I betrayed my beloved Coke, and tried to blame the fact on the samples that were served at room temperature. Coke is still my favorite though, since there’s nothing like that crisp first sip, which is still good down to the last drop in the can, unlike Pepsi’s generally sweeter, less carbonated formula.

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