Would you take advantage of your Twitter stream for charity?


Call it exploitation, or selling out, or whatever you will, Ad.ly is the network will match up tweeps with advertisers looking to reach that Twitter users’ following, moreover the size of their network.

Now, how does this work? You register and are ranked purely on your number of followers, and the buyer creates a tweet you must post verbatim in order to receive funds. Kim Kardashian receives upwards of $10,000 per tweet, but users in the 1,000 followers range can expect to receive about a buck or less. Other celebrity “publishers” include entertainers Dr. Drew, Soulja Boy, Audrina Patridge, but also B-listers like Andy Milonakis (I love you, Andy!).

Seems like a good gig if you’re an advertiser looking to potentially reach millions of Twitter users, as Ad.ly provides some analytics.  Well, the FTC requires in-stream mentions attributable to some sort of compensation to be full disclosed by the publisher. What does this mean? Your tweet must look like this:

Ad.ly Ad

That’s right, stamped with a big fat (Ad) badge, which somewhat defeats the purpose of transparent, in-stream advertising.

It’s a violation of the terms of service to discuss any gig before you accept or deny the offer. Ad.ly will set your price, so you don’t have a say, and the minimum you can withdraw from your account is $50. At any time under account settings you can list a charity a portion of or all of your revenues will go to, and I belive it’s an option advertisers see when looking for publishers.

So I must ask, would you leverage your following to get money?


About Chelsea Pearl

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