Chelsea Pearl, future PMP?

Chelsea in her usual stance

Chelsea in her usual stance... glued to email.

Before I take on a MBA, I’ve taken a slight detour to something  little less expensive and still valuable for a career in business; project management certification. Furthermore, a PMP title somewhere down the road after passing the PMI test.

I’m in my first class in a sequence of six at the UC Berkeley Extension, which I’m squeezing in after interning full-time at my current position. So far, I’ve learned a lot, enjoy the exercises since the class consists of all kinds of people with background in software, mechanical engineering, non-profit, pharmaceutical, digital, and government agencies.

This small schedule pinch is going to help me a lot in day-to-day, and also give my education section on my resume a little oomph! University extensions are a great resource for training and certification in high demand areas recruiters are looking for. The UC Berkeley Extension, in my case, offered much more than any of the local community colleges in project management, so that best fit my needs. I’m looking forward to the classes over the next year and a half, seeing how it will help me at my current internship, and also open doors for me down the road.

Plus, you’ve got it admit: PMP is a pretty pimp academic suffix.


About Chelsea Pearl

Community manager by day, style blogger by night.
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