Social Media Influencers Fly Free

 Klout & Virgin America Toronto Perk

Klout and Virgin America have teamed up to reward bloggers and tweeps of high influence with a free roundtrip flight to Toronto, complimentary in-flight wifi (gogo!), and an invitation to their exclusive Toronto launch party on June 29 (#VXToronto).

Labelled as a perk, Klout pairs advertisers up with influencers they identify with their influence ranking system and offer them perks, as a friendly gesture to get these key connectors and mavens (think The Tipping Point) to try, sample or review your product. It’s more genuine than an explicitly sponsored post or advertisement. At first glance, Klout is similar to Twittergradr by HubSpot, but I’ve found the Klout scale is more stringent and your analysis and report is much more detailed. Unfortunately, I don’t rank as an influence, but it will tell me who I am influenced by. Klout uses conversations as the biggest factor in your score, with less of an emphasis on your follower count.

While I don’t have enough clout to earn an invite, congratulations to those who won! I’m excited enough for the new non-stop service from SFO-YYZ; dying visit and hopefully I’ll have a chance to later this year.


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One Response to Social Media Influencers Fly Free

  1. Cori Kesler says:

    I got mine! Going to Toronto in August!

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