Summer Side Projects

We are now smack-dab in the middle of summer where we’re blessed with more sunlight yet seemingly less time to accomplish the very things needed to get done. I do have two new things to share that I’ve been working on every available moment outside of hellaPR, that being OMGbuymeTHIS and my guest column at the The InternView.

OMG buy me THIS

This is a blog I co-founded with my always fiercely dressed friend, Mallory Mitchell, to have a common place to put everything we’re lusting after. Posts are snappy, brief, and to the point with the essentials, links and cost, and maybe an example of how you can incorporate the particular garment into your wardrobe. Coming from a recovering shopaholic, alongside a designer and vintage expert like Mallory, stop by regularly to get something new each time.

The InternView

The opportunity to work with this blog came from Twitter. My first post in the series is titled Exploring New Avenues, where I share tips on how to get the most of out your internship by acquiring new skills and on-the-job training, and just having an eager, enthusiastic outlook on challenging yourself.

How are you keeping busy this summer?


About Chelsea Pearl

Community manager by day, style blogger by night.
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