Always on the go? Tell me about it

My mom told me that since I was a child, I’ve always ran myself to the ground packing each day full of as much fun, activities and stimulation as possible. Not much has changed today.

After a year of commuting back and forth to San Francisco for a full-time internship, it seems my schedule is just as hectic as during my undergrad days of class, interning, working and way too many extracurricular activities. Only these days, I’m waking up between 6-6:30am and getting home around 9-10pm, usually going to bed around 1-2am. No longer are the days where I could nap on a couch in Rigoberta Menchu Hall, for that naptime is now substituted with a brisk walk through the Ferry Building Farmers Market and a trip to Blue Bottle Coffee. With most of my professional and social life tied up in San Francisco, living in the Easy Bay has taken its toll, literally and figuratively speaking. Some days I spend more time on my roundtrip public transit commute than I do resting in bed from the night prior. With not much time left over for my life, as in sitting in front of my laptop, and working on my side projects, it’s been hard to consistently engage in yours. Honestly, I’ve always had difficulty mitigating tasks and taking on too much work, and I’m growing increasingly OK with saying I just don’t have enough bandwidth sometimes.

Although I understand, we’re all on the go. Social media allows us to show it, too. I may not be a jetsetter according to TripIt, but it’s clear in the bar chart below most of my tweets are done from mobile applications (Tweetie, Twitter for iPhone, Foursquare, etc.).  We’re able to publicize our busy social and schmooze schedules on Plancast and plug-in our Google Calendars to our blogs. The widest roaming adventurers earn badges, tokens, cash and reward points on geolocation services like Foursquare, Yelp, WeReward and SCVNGR. Ravenous foodies, like myself, get featured for eating the most and snapping the best shots on sites like Foodspotting, and can even win tickets to food festivals across the country. I have to find something to occupy my daily 2 hour commute with, right?

Always on the go

What’s interesting is that we’re all doing it. I’m noticing myself both complain and glorify this busy lifestyle I’ve lived since I was a toddler.  My question for you this, how do you cope with being busy? Do you publicize it for everyone to see?


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One Response to Always on the go? Tell me about it

  1. No matter how busy my calendar is, I feel like I’m still in control of what I say “yes” or “no” to, so if I can’t handle it, I just clear out my calendar a bit.

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