A Look Back at 2010

In this post nearly one year ago, I walked through my philosophy on resolutions and what goals I set for myself during the year to come. While I sort of abandoned my plans for learning that one new skill and polishing up on an old one, here are some high- and low-lights of what exactly happened in 2010.

What I lost this year:

  • My always loving golden retriever
  • Employment
  • Health insurance

What helped me grow this year:

  • Spending so much time with family that I’m desperate to GTFO
  • Coping with a 2.5 hour daily commute from Albany to San Francisco on public transit
  • Going on lots of job interviews
  • Being told I don’t have enough experience, multiple times
  • Dealing with the social stigma of being unemployed
  • Enduring the manic highs and lows of the quarter-life crisis

What I was thankful for this year:

  • Four unforgettable trips to Las Vegas (some business and some leisure)
  • Re-connecting with family in Boston
  • Gallivanting around New York City, for the first time
  • My rent-free living situation (thanks Mom & Dad!)
  • Part-time promotional work with Attack! and GC Marketing
  • Completing a year-long internship that gave me a solid foundation of work experience in a corporate environment
  • Creating OMGbuymeTHIS and watching it start to take off

While I did all the other things that should go without mentioning – exercising more, drinking more water, volunteering more and the like – I’m hoping to keep up the momentum of new experiences, travels and adventures in 2011, making this five weeks of unemployment thing just a brief stint.


About Chelsea Pearl

Community manager by day, style blogger by night. http://chelseapearl.com
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