Join me tomorrow for a #Twitterview with @SteveRubel from Edelman

Join @EdelmanSF, @SteveRubel and I (@chelseapearl) tomorrow for a Twitter chat like none before – join us for the #Twitterview. From 1:30 to 2:00pm PST on Friday, May 6, Steve and I will be discussing social media, consumer insights and the overall world of PR. It’s a way to give back to our Twitter community and celebrate @EdelmanSF reaching 1,000 followers.

Steve is the EVP of Global Strategies and Insights at Edelman. He is an explorer of all things media, authoring his own blog and contributing to his own column every month for AdvertisingAge.

So just tune into your Twitter stream Friday, follow our #Twitterview hashtag and feel free tao shoot us an @reply with your marketing-related, truncated questions.

Thanks for the opportunity, Edelman San Francisco team and Steve. Looking forward to the chat!


About Chelsea Pearl

Community manager by day, style blogger by night.
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One Response to Join me tomorrow for a #Twitterview with @SteveRubel from Edelman

  1. Marilyn Mead says:

    Hi there! This is so beyond random – I somehow meandered from your OMGbuymethis co-founder Mallory’s Twitter profile to this page & began reading. You had a really great flow going here & thought I’d say so! Compelling content, a pleasure to read. Not sure what you’re doing these days (I’ll probably find out when I go back through the pages that got me here haha) but I hope your PR star is on the rise – and that you’re still writing 🙂 Best wishes

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