25 Ways Content Creators Can Use Canva

When I think of the social media tools and apps I use on a daily basis, Canva is truly my workhorse. I use the free plan to the max when creating lots of different pieces of content for my blog and social channels. If you’re new here, I run 4 Instagram accounts, 3 blogs, 1 YouTube channel, 1 of every social media account in existence, and some freelance consulting projects for others. Needless to say, there’s always a lot going on when it comes to content to create and share.

Canva helps me standardize and productize the content creation workflow. It allows me to batch produce when I’m feeling creative. The best part is that there are a gazillion design templates ready for you to customize with your brand colors, assets, and personal style. The template dimensions and aspect ratios are so helpful because they’re all ready to go. No more remembering all those pixel numbers.

If you’re thinking about trying it out, I highly recommend Canva. The mobile app is nice, but you’ll find more features on the desktop experience. Canva is something every small business, social media manager, and content creator can find useful. Here are 25 ways I’ve utilized the Canva free plan for my business as a full time content creator.

25 Ways To Use Canva

  1. Collages of any kind
  2. YouTube Thumbnails
  3. YouTube End Slates
  4. YouTube Channel Art (AKA Channel Banner)
  5. Pinterest Images
  6. LikeToKnow.It Product Collages
  7. Instagram Story Templates
  8. Instagram Story Highlight Covers
  9. Instagram Feed Graphics
  10. Livestream Transition Screens
  11. Livestream Footer/Header Branding
  12. Email Newsletter Design
  13. eBook Design
  14. Checklist Design
  15. Printable Workbook Design
  16. To Do List Template
  17. Daily Planner Template
  18. Letterhead Template
  19. Infographics
  20. Event Invitation
  21. Media Kit
  22. Resume
  23. Logo
  24. Business Cards
  25. Print On Demand Product Patterns/Designs

Some of these things are perfect for everyday content. Others may be great ideas for you to create a downloadable freebie, lead magnet, or digital product to sell on platforms like Shopify, Gumroad, or Etsy. Things like business card and resume design would be helpful to just about anyone. No more having to hire a graphic designer for those type of things you need to update routinely.

How do you utilize Canva? Are you on the free or paid plan? Let us know!

Published by Chelsea Pearl

Community manager by day, style blogger by night. http://chelseapearl.com

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