How To Solo Photo Shoot with an Apple Watch

Need to shoot some content on your own? No problem! If you have an Apple Watch, you can easily use your watch as a camera shutter. It’s the perfect solution while you’re on the go or just capturing content by yourself. Just say NO to the same old selfie. With this quick and easy tutorial you’ll be able to create much more creative shots.

First, prop your iPhone on a tripod or other surface for stability. I recommend a small tabletop size tripod with a smartphone mount. There are thousands to choose from on Amazon, but you can see the exact one I use on my Amazon Shop Page in the Camera Gear section.

Second, open your camera. While you can use the forward facing camera, using the rear camera is best for content creation and the image quality will be better.

Next, on your Apple Watch find the gray camera icon with the carrot symbol on the left. This is the remote camera shutter app. Open it. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see what the camera lens sees. You’ll also see options for instant shutter or 3 second delay shutter. I prefer 3 second delay shutter because I can quickly glimpse at my watch to see what’s in the frame and quickly jump back to my pose of the shot. You can also toggle between flash, no flash, and auto flash, plus HDR and Live Photo settings.

Apple Watch Camera Shutter App Viewfinder

And that’s pretty much it, you are ready to shoot. The photos will be captured in burst mode and you’ll be able to select the best shots for whatever you’re looking to do. This also works for videos if you want to record in portrait or landscape orientation.

This workflow has saved me so much time and the constant hassle of asking others to do me a quick favor of taking a picture. If I need to quickly capture content, this is how I do it. Also if you’re in public places, shooting photos on your phone is a lot less conspicuous than using a DSLR camera.

However if you are a DSLR user, I’ve covered how I do solo photo shoots recently in this YouTube video. This is how I shoot content at home when I want a little more complex of a shot or I want a higher quality photo than what my iPhone 10 can capture.

There’s no right or wrong way to create content, but hopefully these tips have helped you find some new ways to innovate. Due to the pandemic, working with a photographer hasn’t been an option for me the last year. While shooting content by myself is a challenge, it’s also how I can stay safe.

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