Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Shorts

YouTube has a new feature on the rise and you need to know about it. It quite possibly the most important feature they’ve released in the last 10 years. YouTube Shorts are short form videos, otherwise known as YouTube’s response to Instagram Reels and TikTok. Creators who have been early adopters have been seeing explosive growth from Shorts. There’s no time like now to try the feature!

These short form videos are up to 60 seconds long, in a vertical 9:16 aspect ratio, and have #shorts placed in the title or description box of the video. Currently, YouTube Shorts is in beta, with a full release and separate YouTube app in India. It’s expected that YouTube will roll out Shorts as an upload feature this March in the US. Right now creators can upload via the normal upload flow on both desktop and mobile.

These videos cannot be monetized at the moment, but you can reap the benefits of huge reach and potential increase to your subscriber count. This is especially helpful for smaller channels or new video creators. This can help you get closer to reaching that 1k subscriber threshold for the Partner program. This growth can also help boost virality of your longer form content as well.

Here are some quick tips to getting the most out of YouTube Shorts.

  • Film video in vertical orientation
  • If you’re reposting one of your Instagram Reels or TikTok videos, be sure to remove any watermarks or copyrighted music/sounds
  • Use #shorts in the title and description box of your video
  • Don’t forget metadata: a descriptive title and thumbnail are still important, but don’t stuff description box with links that go outside of YouTube
  • Post 1-3 YouTube shorts per day, but don’t disrupt your normal upload schedule
  • When publishing, consider unchecking the box to send the video to subscription feeds so your longform video loving audience doesn’t have a chance to unsubscribe
  • Create a Shorts playlist for your videos and link it in the description box of your Shorts
  • Find what works and repeat!

To see your results from YouTube Shorts, just visit your Creator Studio Analytics page. Look under Reach and scroll down to Traffic Source Type and find the label for Shorts. Creators who have posted 20-50 YouTube shorts seem to be much more likely to go viral with views and subscriber growth. Videos may take a few days to hit the Shorts shelf in the app, so be patient.

One thing I’m personally doing is trying to repurpose beauty videos I’ve already shot and some plain Instagram story frames I can quickly edit into a piece for Shorts. I encourage you to test things out while this feature is new to see what works best. It’s only going to get more competitive from here. Also if you were waiting for a sign to start your YouTube channel, this is it!

I would love to know what’s working for you when it comes to YouTube Shorts. Let me know in a comment below.


Published by Chelsea Pearl

Experienced content creator & social media strategist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Blogger at chelseapearl.com and social media consultant at hellaPR.

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