How To Find Amazon Influencers

As both a full time content creator who is also in the social media consulting space, one of the most frequently asked questions I get is how to find Amazon Influencers. I both sell products on Amazon and livestream on Amazon in the influencer program, so I get it!

Having a real life person to share your products on camera and in static content brings another level of authenticity to encourage conversion. In fact, the above photo is something I shot as part of an Amazon clothing try-on haul.

Here are 4 simples tips for finding Amazon Influencers to work with, potentially for your brand or clients.

Watch Amazon Livestreams

Visit to see who’s streaming now, has streamed recently, and the upcoming streams. Follow Amazon Influencers you’d like to work with. Visit their profile to learn more about them. See if they have a blog or Instagram account linked so you can get in touch via DM or email.

Browse Amazon Hashtags on Instagram

Don’t overlook this straightforward tip! Popular Amazon hashtags include #amazonlive, #founditonamazon, #amazonfashion, and #amazonfashionfinds. Influencers are using these hashtags around the clock to share their favorite Amazon products. DM or email these creators to pitch your collaboration idea. Similar hashtag research can help you on TikTok as well.

Search Amazon Videos on YouTube

Amazon favorites videos are super popular on YouTube, so influencers are easy to find here no matter your product niche. Most YouTubers will have a business email or Instagram account linked in their video description box, so just reference that to get in touch.

Use Influencer Platforms

Brands can browse influencer platforms to find creators to work with. Some require a paid subscription, but look into, Upfluence, and Fohr. Other tools like Socialblade will help you understand any given influencer’s follower stats and daily engagement. It’s helpful for double checking their follower authenticity, like if but it doesn’t ever fully explain the entire picture.

As for getting in touch, I always recommend email over direct messaging. DMs are not searchable and with the amount of DMs influencers get on a daily basis, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. DM is fine for the initial outreach, but I suggest moving your conversation over to email for clearer communication.

Find this post helpful? Please let me know in a comment below! And don’t forget to follow my Amazon page too.


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