Chelsea Pearl

Chelsea Pearl

As she interns full-time in San Francisco a full-time job seeker, Chelsea uses her free time consuming as much knowledge as possible, networking at events, being a foodie on a tight budget, and brainstorming ideas for this blog.

She’s been addicted to the internet since 1998, when her family first got a computer and she has been building websites ever since. Starting with AOL Hometown, Geocities, Tripod & Angelfire, she still continues her ultimate mission because she hasn’t yet accomplished this goal in over 10 years, that is obtaining the ultimate SEO; being the #1 result of a self-Google search. She seems to forever be road-blocked (plagued) but by a famous drag queen who shares her first and last name. hellaPR is part of this quest to strengthen and diversify Chelsea’s presence on the web, build social capital and somehow translate that worth into employment and a salary. This blog follows the continuation of this journey through the tough economy and dismal job market with a surplus of overqualified mid to senior level individuals who pose as her competition.

My late grandmother & I at the SFSU Marketing Graduation Ceremony.

Tooled up with my old IBM Thinkpad T43 from freshman year (only on hard drive #2) and an iPhone 3GS, I’m ready to take the internet by storm. My other interests include trying new restaurants (SF is a foodie’s paradise), snowboarding, cooking, hula hooping, travel, art, animals, and learning about wine.
Here you’ll find responses to industry news, trends, implications on recent grads, a dash of entrepreneurial ambition and tales on the job front. Other topics include social media and its impact on personal branding, but also other subjects like networking, startups and events. Marketing and PR play a central role in all of these things, and it’s the scope of focus you will see in hellaPR blog and tweets. I hope this proves useful and informative but also a good read at the same time.