So I Wrote An E-Book

Microinfluencer E-Book

Long time, no blog! As you know several years back I transitioned my blog content over to, but a lot has happened since. Today I’m excited to announce I’ve released an E-Book that’s available for sale now. It’s called How To Monetize As A Microinfluencer and it was developed for any part time blogger looking to take their blog and business to the next level. In the E-Book I tackle the three pillars of monetization and how aspiring creators can earn income even with a small audience.

If you get a copy, don’t forget to share and tag me @chelseapearl on social media. I’m super excited for this launch and to bring more helpful guides like this in the future.

I’ve moved!

My new blog

Hey guys and gals, a long time has passed since I’ve contributed to hellaPR, and I promise there’s a good reason. Things have changed and life is starting to pass by quicker. My passion for blogging remains, yet my focus has shifted. I’ve relaunched into a beauty and fashion blog, leaving plenty of room and flexibility for my other passions including travel and city life. I’m getting a lot of satisfaction out of it; documenting my mid-twenties with photos and stories, having a lot of fun tying in sponsors, local businesses, and friends in the process.

So with that said, I invite you to please check out the new and subscribe on Bloglovin. I hope you’re all doing well!

A Brief Update On All Things Chelsea

Hi friends, readers, and random web surfers. Since I’ve seen many of these brief bulleted blog posts on personal updates lately, so I thought I’d chime in on what’s new with me since my hellaPR blog posts have been rather sparse this year.

  • Landed my first “real” job earlier this year
  • Received my first “real” layoff later this year
  • Turned 24 – gained an even deeper feeling of my quarter life crisis; faced the sad truth and difficulty of gaining true independence
  • Traveled North – camping in breathtaking British Columbia and exploring beautiful Washington & quirky Oregon
  • Traveled abroad – taking a spontaneous trip to France and experiencing the harvest and helping out with the remontage in Provence, then gallivanting through Paris, one of my favorite cities in the world
  • Worked many, many, many promotions jobs, representing numerous consumer brands, thankfully earning enough to make my student loan payments each month
  • Worked a lot harder on, the fashion blog I co-author with Mallory Mitchell – the blog is gaining exponential traffic, real traction on search engines and other blogs, and scoring some sweet perks from affiliates and publicists representing some cool apparel and cosmetic brands
  • Worked and am still working hard at finding a new job – facing one of the toughest job markets in, arguably, all time, but keeping a positive attitude with every recruiter I connect with and every company I interview with

With that all said, it’s time to turn a new leaf and reinvigorate my passion for blogging here and sharing my thoughts on marketing, public relations, and social media, with a dash of my own job search and Generation Y struggles and successes along the way. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.