Looking for Co-Bloggers for new CPG site

Are you looking to expand your web presence and identity, or perhaps just get your work and expertise noticed? I’m looking for one or two co-bloggers working in or familiar with the CPG space for a new project. Activities include blogging at least twice per week, occasionally creating video content and general brand building, particularlyContinue reading “Looking for Co-Bloggers for new CPG site”

When plotting out your to-dos, is less more or is more less?

TeuxDeux (@TeuxDeux) brings us a refined, simple, and still thoroughly satisfying experience with their web-based to-do list app. The name is a refreshing change from the Web 2.0 names we’re so accustomed to, with omitted vowels or double consonants. It’s a play on both the spelling and pronunciation of the French word for “two”, deux.Continue reading “When plotting out your to-dos, is less more or is more less?”