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JPRDY & Pepsi

Who is Chelsea Pearl? It’s true. Read Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink and find out why the Pepsi Challenge taste test campaign commissioned in the 80s, the one that pressured Coca-Cola into changing its formula to New Coke that flopped, was a … Continue reading

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Hella to become a real word?

Now, I am by no means a linguist, but hella is an especially unique East Bay slang term, functioning as adverb, adjective and interjection as its etymology explains. It is a colloquialism that is hard to concisely define, and moreover … Continue reading

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My Wordle Cloud

Glancing over my blog and realizing that I now have some searchable content (keep those Google Alerts coming!), I decided to make a Wordle, a tool that visualizes word frequencies on any blog, Delicious account or page with a RSS … Continue reading

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