Would you take advantage of your Twitter stream for charity?

Call it exploitation, or selling out, or whatever you will, Ad.ly is the network will match up tweeps with advertisers looking to reach that Twitter users’ following, moreover the size of their network. Now, how does this work? You register and are ranked purely on your number of followers, and the buyer creates a tweetContinue reading “Would you take advantage of your Twitter stream for charity?”

Looking for Co-Bloggers for new CPG site

Are you looking to expand your web presence and identity, or perhaps just get your work and expertise noticed? I’m looking for one or two co-bloggers working in or familiar with the CPG space for a new project. Activities include blogging at least twice per week, occasionally creating video content and general brand building, particularlyContinue reading “Looking for Co-Bloggers for new CPG site”

5am urge to rampantly write down ideas

After taking a public relations class in college, I unfortunately didn’t conjure up enough drive and interest to entry the industry right away. Everything just seemed so ritualistic and traditional. There was no way something as simple (but not to say easy) as managing a Yelp page or Twitter account could be a job. hellaPR,Continue reading “5am urge to rampantly write down ideas”