NaBloPoMo Kickoff

In an effort to increase blogging frequency, I’ve decided to attempt the November National Blog Month challenge; posting daily for the entire month of November. Though NaBloPoMo promotes the challenge every month, November is the busiest month and is also a month that features prizes for randomly chosen bloggers who successfully complete the challenge. IContinue reading “NaBloPoMo Kickoff”

Social media doesn’t have to be a waste of time

I found this funny picture on Unique Visitor, one of the first quirky, business related Posterous accounts I’ve subscribed to. The entry was titled This is what 90% of Corporate America thinks about Social Networks. Original image credit: Andrew Cherwenka, @cherwenka The social media metrics aren’t universal, so don’t arbitrarily decide to measure the successContinue reading “Social media doesn’t have to be a waste of time”

SM seems the ONLY way to go when it comes to job search

I retweeted this wonderful slideshow on How Social Media Enables the Job Search by Shannon of on how social media can give you the upper-hand when looking for that job that’s “somewhere out there waiting for you”. I think the slideshow wonderfully highlights that this is far from a passive act, hence my motivationContinue reading “SM seems the ONLY way to go when it comes to job search”