25 Ways Content Creators Can Use Canva

When I think of the social media tools and apps I use on a daily basis, Canva is truly my workhorse. I use the free plan to the max when creating lots of different pieces of content for my blog and social channels. If you’re new here, I run 4 Instagram accounts, 3 blogs, 1Continue reading “25 Ways Content Creators Can Use Canva”

How to Livestream on your Smartphone like a Pro

So you want to livestream, but don’t have the expensive setup that some professional streamers have. What if I told you that you could do it all from your smartphone? Here are some of the best practices from streaming from your smartphone like a boss. Sit in front of a window or a LED ringContinue reading “How to Livestream on your Smartphone like a Pro”

Empty Pockets in the Pants on the Ground

Every morning this week, I’ve been woken up Pants on the Ground. Either my mom is chanting it, belting out to drive my dad insane, or humming the melody while stirring coffee. Today, it was the radio alarm. In case you haven’t heard, “General” Larry Platt, 62, of Atlanta, graced the American Idol judges panelContinue reading “Empty Pockets in the Pants on the Ground”