Why Microinfluencers Need To Try Amazon Live

Amazon Live is the hottest new platform for content creators, and if you’re part of the Amazon Associates affiliate program you already have a leg up. Amazon’s Influencer program is an extension of the Associates program, which is free and easy to apply for. Once approved in the program, you get access to lots of new tools to help you succeed as an affiliate content creator. You get a unique custom storefront page, the ability to share shoppable videos and photos, and even access to livestream on their platform. I’ve been livestreaming on Amazon Live since July 2020 and I genuinely think it’s a fantastic opportunity for microinfluencers especially to set themselves apart and get an early mover advantage to this rapidly growing social shopping space.

Here are some of the best reasons microinfluencers should give Amazon Live a try.

Exposure to thousands of shoppers

Amazon is the largest online shopping destination, we know this. As an Amazon Influencer your content gets served to shoppers where Amazon finds relevant. This gives you exposure to hundreds or thousands of shoppers on a daily basis. For shopping events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Prime Day, the potential reach is huge.

Access to on-site commission

One huge unique advantage the Amazon Influencer program gives you over other affiliate programs is the concept of on-site commission. You can earn commissions from traffic already on the site. This is traffic you are not responsible for bringing to Amazon in the first place. The rates are slightly lower than off-site commission rates, but the volume of impressions and reach your content gets makes up for it.

Streaming can be as simple or complex as you’d like

Amazon Influencers create live shows with the Amazon Creator Live app. Currently it’s only available for iOS mobile devices, but you can go live either directly from the app or with a stream key and a broadcast software of your choice. I personally use and recommend OBS, which is free to use and there are thousands of tutorials for online. This will give you maximum control over the look and feel of your show, and you can add complexities as you go like b-roll video clips, overlay GIFs, and scene transitions.

Make your own streaming schedule

Most importantly with Amazon Live, influencers have the freedom to create on their own schedule. Currently there is no hourly requirement for going live or how many sales you need to generate. However, there are tier levels that you can unlock with the more streams, sales, and engagement you generate: Rising Star, Inisder, and A-List. As a full time content creator, I stream 3x per week on Amazon Live: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3pm PT. Amazon influencers have the freedom to create a schedule that works best for them, where you can stream as often as you’d like.

Another channel to sell sponsorships for

Amazon Live is a great way to diversify your revenue streams as a content creator, not only from the affiliate side but from the sponsorship side too! You can sell sponsorship packages to your favorite brands and sellers to share their Amazon products with your audience. Do research and negotiate sponsorship fees based on the opportunity cost and overhead costs it would take to promote these products and advertise them to your audience. Bundle these deals with Instagram and YouTube content as well. You can also potentially sell licensing rights to your photos and video content for brands to use on their own channels like social media, newsletter, website, and more.

Social selling is not totally new. It’s been trending China for years, only now just coming to the US recently. And let’s not forget the shopping powerhouses that are QVC and HSN! It’s only a matter of time until Walmart, Target, and other huge retailers start launching their own livestream programs like Amazon has. So why not get a start now to gain skills ahead of everyone else? You can get an early mover advantage by getting in ahead of it becoming fully mainstream.

Have you tried livestreaming on Amazon yet? Definitely share your experience in a comment below!


Published by Chelsea Pearl

Experienced content creator & social media strategist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Blogger at chelseapearl.com and social media consultant at hellaPR.

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